Monday, 16 July 2012

Faster, Higher, Stronger

A few nights ago I watched an episode of 'Faster, Higher, Stronger' a new short series of programmes focusing on athletic events through the years at the Olympics. The episode I watched concentrated on the 100m sprint event, and went through the years of the Olympic winners since 1896.

The programme was really interesting and had a great structure. It tracked (no pun intended) the progress of the 100m sprint event, and showed how it had evolved in the years since 1896. It looked at physical things like the starting blocks and running track conditions and showed how they effected the sport. It also looked at how the physique of sprinters had changed from a lean and slender sprinter, to a bigger more muscular type of sprinter.

I was fascinated to hear sprinters talking about the various stages of the race, from the Initial reaction time from the gun, the drive stage of the race, the last 10 meters when sprinters actually slow down. There is so much going on in the short 10 seconds and its fascinating to hear all about it.

It was also really cool to see Bolt with his world record run again from 2008. That was an unbelievable moment in history, he smashed the world record, and had time to slow down and celebrate BEFORE crossing the line.

You can watch the programme here, there are 3 other episodes on BBC iplayer just now about other events so I am looking forward to catching up with them too.
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