Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Runners Nod

The runners nod is a peculiar phenomenon that I am positive all runners will have experienced. You are running along, be it on a muddy trail, a running track or just on the road, you pass a fellow runner and there is this mutual appreciation for one another which manifests itself in the form of a small nod of the head and a smile. A simple action, but one that says a lot.

That small nod of the head, shared between runners, says "well done you, for being great". There is a huge amount of smugness in the space between the nods, but this has been earned with every step that has led to the inevitable up and down of the head.

There are a few things to consider though, if you have never experienced this. The balance between the runners nod and just looking like a crazy stalker is delicate. Fear not, I am here to help.
  • Don't nod too enthusiastically, this will be awkward for you and the other runner. A single nod of the head is sufficient.
  • Always smile, you are nodding in mutual appreciation, not starting a fight.
  • If the runner you pass does not nod back (this is terrible and they are probably not a real runner), don't run after them screaming "where's my nod, you're meant to nod!!!". Just run off knowing that you are a better person in every way.
  • Don't feel you need to speak to the other runner, everything you need to say is in the nod.
  • Nod when the are in front of you, in your eye line, don't nod as they are passing you - they may just think you are staring.
  • Only nod at fellow runners, they are the ones who deserve it.
The runners nod represents a bond between two like minded people who are enjoying their run and happy to see other people doing the same. There must be similar experiences in other sports; Hikers Hello? Cyclists wave? Dog walkers chat?

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