Friday, 20 April 2012

Edinburgh Half Marathon - Team Relay

Yesterday, I signed up to run the Edinburgh Half Marathon team relay and I am 'relay' excited.

My colleague at work asked if it was something I fancied doing, and within a few hours we had a team together and we had signed up. The last day for signing up at the £100 per team rate was yesterday so we were just in the nick of time, if you want to sign up now, it is £120 or you can run for a charity where the entry fee is waved as you raise a certain amount depending on the charity.

The race is split in to 4 legs of varying distances, I presume to account for the inevitable differences in abilities within teams.

Leg 1: The Royal Leg - 8.6 miles
Leg 2: The Cock & Pan Leg - 5.5 miles
Leg 3: The Gosford Leg - 7.6 miles
Leg 4: The Glory Leg - 4.5 miles

As the most experienced runner in the group, I put myself forward to do the first (and longest) leg of the race. I anticipate this will take me around an hour to run, although maybe slightly longer. My hopes are high though, as the course was voted as "THE FASTEST MARATHON IN THE UK" by Runners World Magazine readers.


 Also, as you can see from the graph, the first 8 miles look like a piece of cake, its virtually all downhill, I will be flying!!

We also had to buy a team ticket for the bus, which was a very reasonable £24. This will drop everyone off at their starting points, and will give you a lift back to the city centre once you complete the race.

I will be posting about my training for this race, and any updates from now on, so stay tuned for that!
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