Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sub 20 minute 5k

When I first started writing this blog, my main goal for running was to get faster. This year I wanted to run a sub 40minute 10k. One of the key milestones along the way for me would be getting my 5k under 20mins, but I had never ran this fast before. My quickest 5k was 21mins 39secs so I was still a long way away.

If you have been regularly reading my blog though, you will know I have been focusing on speed work, trying to increase my speed endurance. Hill sprints, intervals, easy runs and my diet have all contributed to what happened this Saturday...

I was at my local park run, a 5k run held in parks across the country on a Saturday morning. The Edinburgh park run is along the promenade at cramond beach. It is a lovely flat route and perfect for running a fast time.

I had read a great article saying that a study had been done and the results suggested that if you run the 1st mile of a 5k race at a much quicker pace than you usually do, and after that settle in to a rhythm, you will get a much quicker time over all. With this in mind, I shot off the start line.

I felt great, all my hard work had come together and I was flying. I felt great until 4km where I started to lose some steam. I had dropped my pace a bit but then I glanced at my watch and then glanced up and I could see the finish line.

If I could make it in 23 seconds, I would get in under 20minutes. This really shocked me as I wasn't aiming for it, I just wanted to beat my personal best.

I gave everything I had in those last yards so much so that as soon as I crossed the finish line I...well let's just say I didn't feel too great.

I looked at my watch and was over the moon to realise that I did it! 19 minutes 54 seconds. I genuinely have never been happier in my running life, this is my best achievement to date.

I need to get my 5k time even further down if I am going to run a sub 40 minute 10k, but I feel I am on the right track. I have 2 weeks left before my first 10k of the season, I am not expecting sub 40 minutes there but who knows? I might surprise myself again...
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