Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Run home - 3/7/12

Last night I ran home from work for the 4th or 5th time since "the accident". I felt good but still felt my power draining away from my legs at around 6 kilometres. The full run is around 8km, so great training for my 10k races planned for later in the year.
Stats from run

I have really suffered from having almost 3 full weeks off, but think I am getting back to the way I felt before I injured myself. I will need to do some speed work/interval training to get fully fighting fit.

Running home from work is a great idea for anyone who struggles to fit running in to their schedule. I find because I work in the city, I actually get home quicker than if I were to take the bus. I just change at work, put my valuables in my rucksack and leave my work clothes at work to be collected the next day! This works a treat for me and really allows me to increase my weekly mileage.

So that's it really, I am out a lot this week (Edinburgh Magic Festival is happening) so I am going to try and do some early morning runs, keep reading to find out how I get on.
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