Monday, 18 June 2012

First run after accident

Map of my run
 If you follow me on twitter or are just my pal, you will probably know that I had a horrible mountain bike crash 2 weeks ago, that resulted in a) a funny/embarrassing story and b) an injury that prevented me running for a while.

This is not the story of that injury (too soon for that). But I wanted to write a bit about my first run since being injured.

As I say, I was unable to run for about 2 weeks, which is a long time considering I was running 4 times a week before "the accident". In the 2 weeks off, despite working hard on maintaining core strength, I did very little cardio as it was just too sore.

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but not being able to run or do any sport had such an effect on my every day life. I was turning in to such a grumpy bugger. I was irritable, I couldn't sleep, I kept waking up feeling rubbish with a sore head - and I think this is directly related to not being able to run.

So the day came on Sunday where I felt I was well enough to try and run. It was a horrible rainy day, which I love for running, and I set off out towards with the mind of doing a short loop out to Edinburgh airport.

Throughout the run I felt sluggish and unfit, my pace was much slower than usual, but it was such a boost mentally and when I came back home after a nice and easy 7k I felt rejuvenated. I slept really well and woke up this morning feeling fantastic. It is incredible how much of a possitive influence running can have on the way you feel.

Immediately after stopping however, I felt a strain in my left foot. I have had this before and I think it's a result of doing too much too soon. This has been a bit of a disappointment as I don't think I will be able to run for a few days! Doh!

So, please learn from my mistakes. If you have been injured don't try and run a long distance right away. 7k is nothing, I know, but after injury it has proved to be too much. So just be careful, because there's nothing worse than setting yourself back even further.

The positive I can take from this however, is that even with my sore foot I can get out on the bike, so all is not lost! I will be fighting fit again soon.

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