Friday, 18 May 2012

New running shoes - review

My new shoes (I got two though!)

I would argue that a decent pair of running shoes are the only essential piece of kit for a runner. I know there a people out there who couldn't live without their fancy water bottle or compression tights, but all you actually NEED is a nice pair of trainers.

As my current running shoes were almost dead, it was therefore essential for me to buy a new pair this week (at least that's what I told myself). However I am getting married this year ( in 6 months in fact) and I just simply couldn't afford a pair that cost £100.

I had about £50 I could happily spend, and had a rough idea what I wanted. Something light. Something that looked nice. Something that was discounted. I found a pair that ticked all the boxes.

The Adidas Flyby trainer is a lightweight shoe for the natural runner. I am a normal pronator when I run so I don't really need a specialist shoe. I also wanted a trainer that was not too heavy, something really light that I could just lace up and forget about, not feel like they were weighing me down.

The trainers feature a synthetic mesh upper section which means that your feet remain incredibly cool throughout your run, which is nice and comforting.

There is also a continuous zig-zag tred on the sole, which supposedly reduces and naturalises impact on your legs (sounds like a gimmick to me, I just liked the look of them).

Zig and Zag

I have now ran two reasonably long runs in my new shoes and the verdict is...they are great! My feel are cool, they are super light so I don't feel I am carrying any extra weight, and they look really nice. If you are looking for a pair of running shoes on a budget I would look no further than these.

What shoes do you have? What would be the minimum you would spend? Am I a cheapskate? All feedback welcome!



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