Saturday, 12 May 2012

Chocolate Milk after a run

What a wonderful world. Chocolate Milk, a deliciously creamy and sweet drink that has universal appeal (find me someone that doesn't enjoy it) is actually good for you!

There has been a lot of discussion in the running community about the benefits of drinking chocolate milk after running. In the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, a study was published which concluded that the silky smooth beverage that we all know and love is an effective recovery aid after exhausting exercise.

Indiana University Bloomington physiologist Joel Stager supports this by going as far as to say that Chocolate milk is THE BEST thing athletes can drink after exercise. 

Once you are back from a long run your body is screaming out for lost carbs, calories, sodium and some protein to help with muscle recovery. Low fat chocolate milk has a great ratio of all of the above, and in much better quantities than commercial recovery/sports drinks. You will also find that Chocolate Milk is a lot cheaper. 

The nay-sayers believe that water is the best thing after a run and putting Chocolate Milk into your body will upset your stomach. But I think as long as you stay hydrated, and if you don't chug down 2 pints of Chocolate Milk immediately after a run, you will be fine. Have some water and a glass of the good chocolatey stuff and you will feel your body recovering and at the same time your taste buds will be screaming their appreciation. 

Your turn: What do you drink after a run? Have you tried chocolate milk and felt sick? Is there anyone who does not like chocolate milk?

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