Sunday, 22 April 2012

6K with hills

I have a standard 5k run set out that I frequently do when I am wanting to have a quick blast. It's not very nice to be honest and I should really find another route, however it serves it's purpose.

Anyway, on said run, at around the 2nd K I always pass a path the leads up in to the woods, so today I decided to take the path (adventurous I know) I was feeling adventurous and wanted to do some hill running, and I was not disappointed with what the mystery path had in store.

It started with a very steep accent through the woods and didn't really stop going up for about 1.5 K. it was the first time in a while that I had done any hill training, so needless to say I was a spluttering, panting, red faced mess when I got to the top of the hill. However this lovely view over the west of Edinburgh proved to be well worth it.

View over Edinburgh
The whole run was only 6k altogether, but I think it will my replace my depressing road run. The only views I get from that are smokers at the bus stop and traffic jams, nothing that will be missed.

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